US Light Tank M24 Chaffee (Early Production), Mammoth Edition, Pre-Order Phase II

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Price: €20.32
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This is Phase II of our Pre-Order campaign for


US Light Tank M24 Chaffee

The Mammoth Edition contain in addition to the plastic part two PE sets: side skirts and detail set.

For this Phase we are offering the best possible discount

- 15 % off the plastic kit and

- 40 % off the PE sets included.

The phase will last till 20.X.2017.

The regular retail price of the model when released will be 16 EUR.

The regular retail price for the PE sets will be 7.2 EUR, and for the side skirts 4 EUR.

At this phase with the Mammoth Edition you are saving 6.88 EUR.

Deliveries are expected at the second half of January 2018.