Terms & Conditions


The Contractor: OKB Grigorov , Bulgaria. Information displayed by the Contractor on its website

The Purchaser: Every internet user sending an offer to purchase any product displayed on the to the Contractor.


Retail Sales Contract

Any displayed information on the does not constitute a contractual offer, but a purchase offer which conforms with the present general conditions.

The Contractor expresses its willingness to enter into a contract by sending the Purchaser acceptance of his order by e-mail.

The contract will be entered into upon receipt of the Contractor's acceptance message in the purchase mailbox on the server of his Internet Service Provider. The Purchaser is responsible for verifying that his electronic mailbox is functional. The Purchaser is responsible for any consequence in the event of a breakdown.


Prices and Taxes

Our prices are subject to change without prior notice and apply to delivery from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Shipping costs will be added accordingly to the amount of the ordered goods. Prices do not contain any local taxes that the purchaser might eventually have to pay when receiving the merchandise in the purchaser's country (this applies only to non-EU customers).

Until the merchandise is fully paid by customer, every shipped product is still legally owned by the Contractor.


Delivery Conditions

The products chosen by the Purchaser will be delivered to him by Bulgarian Post Services (Registered Air Mail with priority). Transport Service. The merchandise is transported on the risk of the Purchaser. The Contractor does everything to deliver the merchandise to the Purchaser in perfect condition, however the Contractor cannot be held liable for damages occurred during transport.

Products may be delivered in installments due to large dimensions. In that case the Contractor will contact the Purchaser by e-mail to let him know about it. Shipping costs will remain the same. 

Any complaint (damage, delay etc.) about transport have to be passed immediately to the shipping company and to the Contractor.


If the parcel is returned to us , you will be refund without the actual postage cost.


We do not deliver to Canada.


Partial Delivery

The Contractor can dispatch and charge any order partially if some of included items is unavailable in horizon of  14 days. The missing item/s will stay in backorder to be supplied separately or with next client order later. In case no resupply of the the missing item/s in 30 days then is/are cancelled.
The Purchaser can require partial delivery any time.


Return Policy

If the Purchaser faces a problem with sent products, he can return his order (or its part) to the Contractor within 48 hours after receiving the merchandise (the Purchaser has to send us a written reason of return and a copy of receipt from local Post Office by e-mail or fax). No product will be replaced or reimbursed by the Contractor after this period. 


Return Policy Rules

Damaged on Arrival (DOA)

The DOA-procedure gives the Purchaser the right to receive a new product within a reasonable refurbished period. The Contractor cannot be held responsible for any delay in the DOA procedure. The damaged products will be wrapped up and returned, as new, to the Contractor, at the latest 24 hours after receiving the merchandise. The return-shipping-cost, is a cost for the Purchaser and the Contractor will not reimburse any return-shipping-costs. The Contractor will send to the Purchaser a new product as soon as he will receive the damaged one back.



The product does not match your ordered merchandise. The Purchaser will notify the Contractor by e-mail ( that the product does not match his needs. The ordered products will be wrapped up and returned in its original safety-package to the Contractor. The Purchaser will be charged for all the costs of this procedure. The Contractor will reimburse to the Purchaser the value of the product via his credit card account as soon as he will receive the product back. Shipping costs are not reimbursed.


Disclaimer of Liability

The Contractor is not liable for any damage or injury caused to the Purchaser by the use of items delivered by the Contractor. Should any parts of these terms and conditions be void or invalid the validity of all other clauses is not impaired.